Town Hall

The Town Hall is the main building in Simburbia, and is the only building in the City Area that you do not build; it is already there when you start the map. The Town Hall is fully customizable using the Town Hall Style Panel in the basement of the Town Hall.


Inside the Town Hall, you have four options: to go to the Main Menu, get a Town Map, get a Remote Control Book, and go to the Sky Platform. There is also a downstairs area which is locked at the start of the game, but once you find any object in the city that can be used to customize the Town Hall, this area is unlocked.

Style Panel

In this area is the Town Hall Style Panel where you can select the type of hall you like (these styles have to be unlocked by completing quests, or finding an object that can be used to customize the Town Hall.)

Style Panel


There are 9 styles total, including the main one. They are: Jumping Castle, Evil Mastermind, Angelic Idol, Crime Lord, Fairy Princess, Envious, Diggy Dwarf, and Rainbow Brite. You can see all styles in the gallery below.


On the outside of the Town Hall is the Calendar, which can be used to see the current date in the game, as well as know when the next Audit will be calculated. Going to the Main Menu and changing the speed will also affect the speed of the calendar.

Main Menu

In the Town Hall, the Main Menu can be accessed, which shows almost all settings to the game, including Help Class 101, Speed, Plot Tokens, Government Grants, One-Time Tax Levies and more.



Simburbia trailer 2 - What Kind of Mayor Will You Be?

Simburbia trailer 2 - What Kind of Mayor Will You Be?

Trailer for Simburbia showing off the different styles of the Town Hall.

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