Power Plant
Note that all Power Plants function the same way, regardless of their appearance or features.
Not to be confused with the Ultra Power Plant, a Great Works Project which powers the entire city, all Plots.

Power Plants are necessities in Simburbia. Without them, your city will have no Power, rendering you unable to build Plots and Zones. They are very expensive to build though, costing 300K.


Powered Plots

The red dots on the map are the powered plot indicators.

Power Plants provide a boost to Land Value in Industrial but everything else causes it to drop, so building these next to Residential or Commercial isn't recommended. The Plot Indicators show whether a plot is powered, unpowered, or was powered and now unpowered.

If a redstone block is shown under the lamp, that means the plot is powered. If no block is present under the lamp, the plot has never been powered. If a plot was powered and is no longer powered, a coal block will be present under the lamp.

If a plot is covered with a zone (i.e. Residential, Commercial, or Industrial) and the power plant powering that plot is destroyed or taken down, the plot will lose power, a coal block will appear under the lamp and the plot will become abandoned in a matter of seconds.


There are 8 different types of power plants, and the only reason why they're different is because of their appearance. All power plants function the same way but just look different. Different power plants can also have special items specific to that plant.

Click on each image to see more about that plant.


  • Technially a Natural Spring counts as a power plant. Even though it is not classified under one and you cannot build it manually, it still provides power to nearby plots in the same manner than Power Plants do.